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Mini Seat & O-bar


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Designed for use with a Micro Mini scooter, the Seat & O-bar attachment transforms a Mini scooter into a stable ride-on with seat for young children, starting at age 1. Children delight in the experience of sitting on the seat and moving their legs to propel it forward. At age 2 the seat can be removed so that toddlers can stand on the deck using the shorter O-bar steering stick. Please note that a Micro Mini is required to use the Seat and O-bar attachment. If you don't already own a Micro Mini, you may either purchase the Micro Mini 3in1 complete, or purchase a Micro Mini together with the Seat & O-bar attachment.

  • Attach to a Micro Mini to create a ride-on for a child aged 1 to 2
  • Remove the seat to create a shorter stand-up scooter for aged 2 to 3
  • Add the T-bar at age 3 to go back to a Micro Mini for ages 3 to 5

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