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Mini Hair ClipsMini Hair Clips
JNM Mini Hair Clips
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Sparkle Star Hair Clip
Mini clips (pack of 5) - Flower
Mini clips (pack of 5) - Mouse
Mini clips (pack of 5) - Star
3-D Butterfly Hair Clip - Floral with pearls
Huge Butterfly WingsHuge Butterfly Wings
Princess Whale Hair Clip
3D sping with Tulle Puff
Bunny Ear Hair Clip (set of 2)Bunny Ear Hair Clip (set of 2)
Cat Headband - DiamonteCat Headband - Diamonte
Elephant Hair Clip
Sparkle Cat Clip
Mink Crown Hair ClipMink Crown Hair Clip
Gingham Flower Hair Clips (1 pair)
Lace Headband - Bow
Oranza Blow with PearlsOranza Blow with Pearls
JNM Oranza Blow with Pearls
Sale price$9.99
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Organza bow clip set - Diamond bunnyOrganza bow clip set - Diamond bunny
Tiara w Satin Bow hair clip
Anime Girl Spring Clips (1 pair)
Sparkle Heart Clips (set of 2)
Sparkle  Mouse Clips (set of 2)Sparkle  Mouse Clips (set of 2)
Metalic dot Bow ClipMetalic dot Bow Clip
Check Bow Hair Clips (1 pair)Check Bow Hair Clips (1 pair)
Sparkle Bunny Clips (set of 2)Sparkle Bunny Clips (set of 2)
Organza flower dot clip (set of 2)Organza flower dot clip (set of 2)
Headband-Tulle BunnyHeadband-Tulle Bunny
JNM Headband-Tulle Bunny
Sale price$15.00
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Anime Girl Hair Ties (1 pair)
Fur Pom Pom Hair Ties (1 pair)-Plain
Fur Pom Pom Hair Ties (1 pair)-Character
Spiral band
JNM Spiral band
Sale price$2.00
3D bow hair clip - Stripe3D bow hair clip - Stripe
Fur Clip with Diamonte - StarFur Clip with Diamonte - Star
Mini clips (pack of 4) - Bunny
Tutu Embroidered Princess Hair ClipTutu Embroidered Princess Hair Clip
JNM Tutu Embroidered Princess Hair Clip
Sale price$12.99
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KNOT - Hot Pink
Floral Bow Hair Clip
Mini Hair Ties (set of 6) - Star
Mini Hair Ties (set of 6) - Bunny
Mini Hair Ties (set of 6) - Mouse
Hair band (pack of 3) - MouseHair band (pack of 3) - Mouse
Melamine Bear hair clip (set of 2)Melamine Bear hair clip (set of 2)

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